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Hot water boiler, warm water mat

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Hot water boiler, warm water mat

│ Features / Advantages │

- Electricity saving system power saving mode

- Above the electromagnetic mat does not occur, because the warm water heating mats.
: Electromagnetic radiation is the lowest surface of the motor, using the motor stator because of the large volume
: The outer surface of the hot water boiler is the average electromagnetic radiation 6mG.

- More confidence to use 12 kinds of safety devices
1) 1overturn accident power off
2) 15 hours of continuous use Power Off
3) hot overheating
4) heater overheating
5) heater thermal fuse
6) frost protection (when less than 5 ℃)
7) Water None
8) water excess
9) pump abnormality
10) temperature sensor abnormality
11) abnormality the heater
12) circulation disorders

- Self- production of intelligent microprocessor technology for low-noise motor control implementation
: Quiet implementation and long-life operation implemented by 99% at 30% of rated speed using a variable speed control.
: Long life and low vibration realized by implementing the minimum driving torque ripple using a torque variable control.

- Displays the status of the device through a stylish cover window (Heating operation, water level, error status, etc.).

- Self-diagnosis function

- Location of the hot water boiler heated by a normal rotation detection algorithm works regardless

- Variable lift operation by automatically calculating lift.

- Automatically discharging the air flow through the mat inside the hose.

- RoHS does no harm to humans who fit the criteria eco-friendly product by considering the hose buried in health mat

- Easy operation.

│ Specification │

Model name GB15BSB
Size/Weight * Queen size(Mat): 1500 x 2000mm / Weight: 4.9kg
* Supersingle size(Mat): 1100 x 2000mm / Weight: 3.6kg
*Hot water boiler size: 170 x 190 x 143mm / weight: 1.14kg
*Package box size: Queen size - 770x 350x 460mm / Supersingle size - 520x 350x 530mm
*Finished Packaging Weight: Queen : 7.8kg / Supersingle : 6.3kg
Water capacity ℓ Mat : Queen 600ml / Supersingle : 450ml / Hot water boiler : 650ml
Mat material pure cotton, polyester non woven fabrics, Non-slip polyester
Power voltage 240w / 220v 60Hz
Manufacturer GB electronics CO., LTD
Place of origin South Korea

│ Composition │

Warm water mat, Hot water boiler, Warm water mat exclusive use cover, Manual



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Hot water boiler_ warm water mat

Hot water boiler_ warm water mat

Hot water boiler_ warm water mat